We welcome new members all year around. Feel free to drop by our weekly meeting held every Wednesday during the lunchtime at H-107. We also lend out our bikes at request for those of you who wish to taste the brand-new sensation of riding a sport bicycle.

Contact us at for any detailed inquiries!

Recruitment Info(4.6.2018 Updated!)

posted Apr 16, 2018, 8:13 PM by website manager

Thanks to people who came to our HANAMI booth!
If you couldn't make it, that's all right. There are more events coming up!
  • Monday, April 9  "Bakayama LUNCH"  12:40- (Lunch time) at Bakayama
            ※No need to contact us beforehand. Just come with your lunch!
  • Wednesday, April 11  "New member Orientation"  12:50- (Lunch time) at H-107 (The second room if you enter from he door closest to the library.)
        We'll talk about our activities and the details about "Open Cycling". If you are most likely joining our club, we recommend you to come!            
        ※No need to contact us beforehand also. You are welcome ti bring your lunch!
  • Sunday, April 22  "Open Cycling I" 9:30-16:30
  • Saturday, May 5  "Open Cycling II" 9:30-16:30
        Go on cycling around ICU. Don't miss Jindai-ji's baked Kusamochi!
        ※You need to apply beforehand.
        ◎The deadline is Wednesday, April 11. Please fill out the Google form below and submit.

 ☆☆We welcome members other than 22 all year. If you feel like starting something new or are interested in cycling a little bit, please come see us or contact us anytime!

<2014 Spring> News on Recruitment

posted Apr 1, 2014, 8:08 AM by website manager   [ updated Apr 1, 2014, 8:09 AM ]

Congratulations again for your entrance to the college (^^)

The latest information for the spring recruitment is now available (as of April 1, 2014)
  • Hanami (an opportunity to mix with the club's members while enjoying the view of the cherry trees lined along the road leading from the main gate)
            3rd of April - from 16:30
            4th of April - from 16:30
  • Club Orientation (a promotion of various clubs and circles held in the older D-kan)
            3rd of April (the cycling club will be on the stage at 18:12)
  • Club Meetings
            9th of April - from 15:30 in the conference room on the first floor of SCH 
          11th of April - from 12:50 in the room 107 in Honkan

If you are interested in the cycling club, you should really come and meet us!
You're welcome even if you are not interested (^^)
We can chat about college life and other stuff then!
We, the cycling club, are a band of travellers. We like meeting new people (^^)

We'll keep updating the infos regarding recruitment, so stay in touch

<2014 Spring> News on Recruitment (provisional)

posted Mar 25, 2014, 11:43 AM by website manager   [ updated Apr 1, 2014, 7:36 AM ]

Hi freshers, congratulations for your entrance to the college!

You'll be able to find us at the club orientation (@D-kan), as well as on the "runway" (the road leading from the main gate) where "Hanami" is held. Come and visit our booth! We await you with soft drinks, snacks, and pictures.

scheduled meetings:
4/9(Wed.)   15:30- in the conference room on the first floor of SCH 
4/11(Fri.)    12:50- in the room 107 in Honkan

more information to be announced later

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