Q1. What are the club's activities?

Firstly, we hold meetings.

Our meetings are on Fridays during the lunch period. In those meetings, the rides and other events are announced or are reported. Sometimes, a birthday cake is prepared to celebrate a member's birthday, too. Every term on the registration day, a 'registration-day meeting (often shortened to "regi-mee")' is held. This is an occasion for a reunion after the looong holiday. Many stories to catch up with.

Currently we have online meeting once a week (Wednesday for AY2021 winter term)

Secondly, we go for a ride.

+Weekend rides ...are basically held once a month in May, June, September, and October. We start on Saturdays, and come back on Sundays. Those two-day rides explore places like Okutama, Kamakura, and Atami, to name but a few. Just forget about the pile of assignments on your desk, and get your body and soul refreshed!

We hold several 1-day rides under the covid situation.

+Trips on long-term holidays ...are rides that last for more than a week. In the summer vacation, we head for Hokkaido to spend about two weeks and a half, and in the Spring and Autumn breaks, we visit Kyushu, Okinawa, etc. for about a week. Those trips guarantee you with many great memories with us here at Charibu!! You might also find a new dimension of members' characters that you'd otherwise not see in usual school life. On few rare occasions, we have been abroad including Bali and Korea.

On overnight trips, we sleep in tents or bungalows on a campsite, or we stay at a Youth Hostel. Lots of opportunities are available to meet new people, enjoy landscapes and local foods, and get relaxed in hot springs.

+Event Rides ...are planned when club members come up with fairly random ideas such as a ride in search of tasty Chinese noodles, a ride through Tokyo at midnight, a ride visiting fancy cafes, a ride to see the cherry blossoms, the New Year's Day ride, etc..

Q2. Is it OK if I only have a mamachari (city bike)?

A. No problem at all! The club owns a few sport bicycles that you can rent when going for a ride that does not require taking a flight.

Q3. How much money do I need?

A. Weekend rides: 4,000 to 8,000 yen (bed and board)

Bicycle: from 50,000 yen upwards

Equipments: from 40,000 yen upwards

Club membership: 500 yen / term !!

The initial cost is what is expensive. However, you don't need to buy everything all at once. Moreover, the annual cost is not so different from that of other clubs'.

Q4. How is the ratio of men to women?

A. It is 1:1. Isn't this incredible. Feel free to join us regardless of your sex/gender.

Q5. Is it OK if I'm not really confident of my physical fitness?

A. That's alright. Most of the members are beginners. There are even some of us that don't do any exercises whatsoever in her/his usual life. lol An average ride covers around 40 to 80km per a day.

Q6. Can I belong to other clubs as well?

A. Sure! Our meetings are only once a week, and taking part in rides is voluntary. There are a number of club members who participate in other clubs!

Q7. Do I need anything else apart from my bike?

A. Actually, there are quite a few stuff that you need to have apart from your bicycle. The list roughly includes the following: helmet / gloves / rain-gear / luggage carrier / side bags (panniers) / carry bag (to get on a train with your bicycle) / sleeping bag / camping bowls, pots, cutlerly / tire, tubes / lights / hand-pump / portable tools (hexagonal wrench, etc.).

Please don't hesitate to send any other questions to icucharibu@gmail.com !